‘We are only company in India producing 3 different thicknesses of clear flat glass simultaneously’

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Emerge Glass MD Mr Sumit Gupta Tells Glass Bulletin What Drives Him, His Future Plans & His Areas Of Focus

Mr. Sumit Gupta, Managing Director of Emerge Glass India Pvt. Ltd.

From pursuing the highest standards of flat glass solutions and taking pride as the largest entity to produce ultra-thin clear glass and mirror in the country to entering the container glass segment and acquiring Alstone, Mr. Gupta gives Glass Bulletin a peek into his vision for Emerge Glass.

Tell us about your journey with Emerge Glass.
In 2004, I began my journey with aluminium composite panels at Alstone which was followed by acclaimed projects and foray into flat glass, container glass and overseas plant in Dubai. We ventured in flat glass in 2013 and established a manufacturing unit in Rajasthan to cater to the needs of ultra-thin flat glass in Indian industry. We have recently ventured into the manufacturing of container glass in three categories liquor, beer, and food grade.

You are a very successful businessman, what drives you to work so hard?
In pursuit of perfection, I have always tried to lead from the front, thus creating examples for the team. I never rest on my laurels rather I always keep on challenging myself till getting the best in related area.

How did Emerge Glass establish its prominent position in the industry within a short span of time?
Since its inception, we have ensured that we follow the highest standards of flat glass solutions and constantly strived to match industry practices. We take pride as the largest entity to produce ultra-thin flat glass (1mm-2mm) in the country. We are also the only manufacturer in India with the capability to simultaneously produce three different thicknesses of clear flat glass, lending us an upper hand in market competition. Beside this, we are the only manufacturer of mirrors with two state-of-the-art horizontal production lines.

You are coming up with new container glass manufacturing facilities. Tell us in brief about this & why you chose to enter the container glass business.

Being a leader in the Indian flat glass industry, we have not simply rested on our laurels, rather as part of our strategy for growth, we have taken the step of diversifying into the container glass segment. With four brand new advanced IS machines from Emart Group Company, we will soon be producing 210 tons of high-quality container glass per day.

We take pride as the largest entity to produce ultra-thin flat glass (1mm-2mm) in the country.
We are the only manufacturer in India with the capability to simultaneously produce three different thicknesses of clear flat glass, lending us an upper hand in market competition.

After starting the container glass manufacturing facility, where will Emerge Glass stand in the Indian glass industry?
We target to cater to multi-national and reputed Indian companies in liquor and alcoholic beverages, food processing, and pharmaceutical sectors with our state-of-the-art container glass plant.

As a solely Indian glass manufacturing company, what are the major challenges you face?
It is ensuring the highest standards of glass solutions and constantly striving to match international glass industry practices. Powered by our innovative capability and engineering expertise, providing customised glass solutions as per customers’ needs.

Recently you have taken Alstone brand, please tell us about it.
I began my journey with Alstone in 2004. Alstone is the largest manufacturer of aluminium composite panels (ACP) in the country with pan-India presence. Standing tall with 18 years of excellence in the Indian market and approved in most of the government projects and corporates, Alstone is committed to build a reputation through cordial client relationships and adherence to superior work ethics.

What are the main benefits for customers of Emerge Glass?
Best quality products, highest standard of glass solutions, on-time delivery every time, and customized packaging.

What makes your product different than the rest?
Apart from ultra-thin clear glass, Emerge manufactures environmentally-friendly (free from copper and tin) aluminium-coated mirrors, produced on a horizontal sputtering magnetron line for enhanced image and clarity, ranging from 1.3 mm to 5mm thicknesses.

What changes have you seen in the glass industry and how did this lead to the necessary transformation?
From B&B to NNPB and again back to advanced B&B, it is on-going process. Light weighting and higher speeds with superior quality, are the key to success. The need of lightweight container glass is driven by competition from alternative packaging such as PET, aluminium cans and paper products

How much is innovation important to the glass industry and how does it affect the industry?
Like other Industries, innovation is the key in glass industry too for future success. Innovation practices help to build a culture of continuous learning, growth and personal development. Innovation increases our chances to react to changes and discover new opportunities in market.

What is your primary focus for Emerge Glass?
We intend to have a superior understanding of customers’ needs, and we focus on product innovations and honesty towards our business associates.

What is your vision for Emerge Glass for the upcoming years?
Our vision is to be a first preference supplier in the glass Industry by creating products and services which suit the unique need of every customer. We intend to make a difference in the competitive environment by value creation and forging sustainable relationships towards business growth.

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