Trosifol® Sound Control: Advanced acoustic interlayer from Kuraray

March 1, 2021 Product Hunt11

Distributed By Saugaat In India, Product Available As Single Layer In Thicknesses Of 0.76 mm & 1.52 mm

Trosifol SC from Kuraray is an advanced acoustic PVB interlayer that is based on monolayer technology and has a great competitive edge over the conventional acoustic PVB based on multilayer technology.

Basic differences between advanced acoustic PVB and conventional acoustic PVB.

Advance Acoustic PVB
(Monolayer Technology)
Conventional Acoustic PVB
(Trilayer Technology)
It’s a homogeneous monolayer. Available in 0.76 & 1.52 mmBased on trilayer technology. Softer core layer is sandwiched between two layers of standard PVB. Its available in 0.76 mm thickness
Improves acoustic performance by 3dB compared to standard PVBImproves acoustic performance by 3 dB compared to standard PVB
Stacking not required as 1.52 mm thickness is available. Normal de-airing process is sufficient as there are no interfaces.Requires stacking with 0.76 mm Clear PVB to achieve 1.52 mm. A good de-airing process is necessary to remove entrapped air pockets between the interfaces
No ice flower defects as structure is homogeneous.Vulnerable to Ice Flower defects due to heterogeneous structure of the interlayer
Has a high adhesion that makes it ideal choice for tempered glass.Best suited for automotive applications that make use of annealed glass laminates. Does not have a high adhesion and thus not suitable for tempered glass laminates.
No optical distortionOptical distortion is apparent when used laminated IGUs

Figure showing “Ice Flower” defect in a laminated glass made with conventional acoustic PVB interlayer.

About Kuraray
Kuraray was founded in 1926 for the purpose of commercializing synthetic rayon, which was cutting edge technology at the time. In 1950 during the post-World War II period, as Japan’s first domestic producer of synthetic fiber based on original Japanese technologies, Kuraray became a world leader in the commercialization of PVA (poval) fiber under the KURALON brand, ushering in Japan’s pioneering era in the chemical synthetic fiber industry. Kuraray Group are committed to opening new fields of business using pioneering technology and contributing to an improved natural environment and quality of life. Kuraray products are marketed and sold in India by the company’s authorised distributor Saugaat Inc (west India)

About Saugaat Inc
Founded in 2016, Saugaat Inc is involved in different business activities, glass being the core source of business. It has emerged as a leading suppliers of PVB interlayer across the country. Headquartered in Nashik, Maharashtra, the company has a warehouse in Bhiwandi near Mumbai to cater all the customers with on time deliveries. Saugaat Inc works in tandem with Kuraray, and the company is also involved in development of various products of Kuraray and resolving technical issues related to glass lamination.

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