Ozone launches ‘ASLI YA NAKLI’ campaign to fight counterfeit fittings

March 2, 2021 Company News3

Now Ozone fittings come with a unique QR code pasted over them to check authenticity and register for digital warranty.

Counterfeit or duplicate products of any popular and trusted brand can be easily found in the market. This not only cheats the good customers but also impacts brands negatively.
To protect the interest of its customers, Ozone, the leading player in the architectural hardware segment, has introduced a unique initiative in the form of a specially designed QR code on its fittings.

Now every genuine Ozone fitting comes with a QR code sticker on it. Customers can check if the fitting purchased is genuine Ozone fitting by scanning this code.

Furthermore, customers can register digital warranty in two easy steps. So in just three simple steps, customers can check the genuineness of the Ozone fitting and register for digital warranty. For more details, refer to the graphical representation here.

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