The 31st China Glass Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion

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On May 9, organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society, the 31st China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion in Shanghai. On the key time of the first year of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan and building a new development pattern and promoting the development of high quality of China glass industry, The 31st China Glass Exhibition successfully held despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and many uncertainties, bringing new opportunities to the entire industry and demonstrating confidence and vitality to the global glass industry. As the first global exhibition of glass industry held under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, China Glass helps the technological innovation and trade circulation of the industry and serves the national strategy by its exhibition functions, and provides more opportunities for domestic circulation of the glass industry, and promotes international and domestic double circulation and international cooperation, and contributes China’s strength to the recovery and growth of the global glass industry.

Extra-large scale: the industry’s preferred exhibition platform

A total of 900 manufacturers from 23 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of 90,000 square meters. According to the statistics, the professional visitors to the exhibition reached 40,826 person times, which strongly proved that China Glass is the first choice platform for domestic and foreign industry manufacturers to expand trade and technical exchanges.

The exhibition products cover the whole industry chain of the glass industry including: glass production, new energy glass and TFT glass, glass fusion molding technology and equipment, high-quality refractory materials, glass raw materials and complexes preparation technology and equipment, glass deep processing technology and equipment, energy saving and environmental protection glass technology and equipment. The exhibition used 7 halls in SNIEC Expo Centre. Among the halls, the international area located in hall N1 where gathering the German and Italian national pavilions and many mainstream brands in the global glass industry, hall N2 is the area of flat glass manufacturers and large comprehensive glass equipment manufacturers, Hall N3, Hall N5 and Hall W5 is area of glass production and deep processing equipment manufacturers. Hall W4 is an exhibition area for small and medium-sized enterprises who involve in daily glass, decorative glass, abrasives, accessories, hardware, accessories and other fields.

Communication and sharing: witness the new trend of industry development

Many distinguished guests at home and abroad were present at the event, including Mr. Yan Xiaofeng, Secretary of the party committee of China Building Materials Federation, Mrs. Gao Ruiping, President of the Chinese Ceramic Society, Mr. Xu Yongmo, Chief Supervisor of the Chinese Ceramic Society, Mr. Peng Shou, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice President of the Chinese Ceramic Society and Chairman of Triumph Group, Mr. Zhang Lianmeng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr. Chen Guoqing, Vice Secretary of the party committee and Vice President of China Building Materials Federation, Mr. Jin Zhanping, Vice President of the Chinese Ceramic Society, Mr. Song Lixin, Vice President of the Chinese Ceramic Society and Director of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Wang Yimin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Building Materials Academy,  Mr. Tan Fu, Secretary-General of Chinese Ceramic Society, Mr. Zhang Baiheng, President of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association and Heads of governments, trade promotion agencies, industry organizations and representatives of manufacturers from Germany, Italy and other countries.

In the period of China Glass 2021, a series of professional technical seminars and manufacturer’s promotion activities was held simultaneously, their themes cover the glass deep processing new technology equipment, sintered refractories, special glass, new silicon based materials, production and research of photochromic glass, borosilicate glass in medicinal use. The event shows the new industry development structure and the achievement of high quality industry development, which built by glass industry colleagues by technological breakthrough and by driving of technological innovation.

Focus on Innovation: Smart manufacturing leads green development

Compared with previous exhibitions, the 31st China Glass exhibition features green, low energy consumption, digitalization and intelligent manufacturing. A large number of related fields of products were showed on the event stage. Ultra-white glass, ultra-thin glass, flexible glass and so on, which are used in photovoltaic industry and intelligent terminal field, have become a major technical highlight of this exhibition. Triumph Group showed the world’s advanced 30 micron flexible foldable glass, 0.12mm thin electronic touch glass and high quality 5.0 neutral borosilicate medical glass for vaccine. China Building Materials Academy brought key materials for fingerprint recognition under the smartphone screen, and Southern Glass Group showed the latest generation of high-end touch display lithium-aluminum silicate glass cover plate developed using float process.

Energy-efficient and carbon reduction in building industry is a critical piece for China to achieve the goal of peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality. Many exhibitors in China Glass of this year brought its cutting-edge productions and equipment. The representative manufactures of vacuum glass field including: China Building Materials Academy, Landglass, Beijing MGM Glass and Beijing Mingxu Vacuum Glass. The representative manufactures of PDLC Glass field including: Shanghai SYP Glass, Gauzy. The representative manufactures of insulating glass sealing material warm edge spacer field including: Koemmerling, LiSEC, Glaston, Quanex, SWISSPACER, Technoform.

Intelligent and digitalization has become the tendency of development of Glass deep processing equipment. The conception of smart factory, efficient production, unmanned has been embodied in several manufactures’ latest equipment of this exhibition. Northglass introduced its upgraded high-stress glass tempering furnace, glass automation coating line, sinestcellular curtain, tri-turbo fan and coating cathode, etc. Jinglass brought its deep processing intelligent coating line and VULCAN HUOSHAN MES intelligent tempering equipment. Landglass showcased for its self-developed fire resistant glass tempering machine, IriClearTM glass tempering furnace series, as well as Land Glass TIGERTM Smart Factory and the data comparison. Yinrui introduced “Sanda software” which is specially tailor made for glass deep-processing equipment manufacturers. Liaoning North Glass brought its latest self-developed fully automatic unmanned assembling machine. Hanjiang Automation demonstrated a fully automatic insulating glass production line that automatically stows super spacer strips by robots. Kamrola showed the development and application of industrial quartz ceramics in glass deep processing and other intelligent manufacturing fields. South Glass showcased for its S-Cloud industrial internet platforms which are applied to tempering field, temperature self-following system and 5mm high borosilicate 4.0 glass pure fan among fire-resistant glass field. The representative manufacture in grinding and polishing field, Guilin Champion Union showed its grinding tools patented product series. The representative manufacture among glasswork field, Fenghe Glass showed its patented product of antioxidant nanometer tempered mirror and dazzle color glass. In addition, this exhibition set up artistic glass display area at Hall 2, dozens of brilliant and dazzling glass artworks attracted numerous viewers to see and take picture.

As the largest professional exhibition in the global glass industry in 2021, China Glass Expo has always been adhering to the concept of large-scale, international and professional exhibition, overcoming the double pressure of the industry downturn and the impact of the epidemic, and offering a wonderful and fruitful trade and technical exchange event for the industry. As the theme activity of 2022 UN International Year of Glass, China Glass 2022 will be held at Shanghai on April 13th. The global glass industry will again focus on Shanghai and we look forward to meeting again with every industry colleagues.

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