One QR Code and Many Benefits with OzoSTARS loyalty program launched by OZONE!

June 11, 2021 Company News7

Now every Ozone fitting comes with a unique QR Code. On scanning this QR code, you get loyalty points and can check ASLI YA NAKLI

Ozone India, the leading name in the Architectural Hardware segment announced a unique loyalty program with the name, OZOSTARS. This program offers bumper benefits to the influencers such as glass fabricators, glass installers, contractors, and carpenters who can join as members. Joining the OZOSTARS loyalty program is a very easy process for any influencer. Just download the OZOSTARS app from the Google play store or iOS app store and register yourself by following the simple steps. Then scan the QR Code given on the Ozone Fitting inside the packing and immediately you will get the loyalty points in your wallet. Additionally, you can check ASLI YA NAKLI, report fake/ counterfeit products, register the digital warranty, and watch the installation video. It is a very useful tool in your hand. The accumulated loyalty points will be transferred to the member’s bank account on a monthly or quarterly basis if the KYC process is completed.

OZOSTARS loyalty program rewards the glass installers, fabricators, and contractors with extra money through loyalty points on buying and installing Ozone Fittings every time. You can say, it is your ‘Tarraki ki Chabi’. By checking ASLI YA NAKLI, you can be sure about the fittings’ genuineness and so of its quality and performance.
Your customer will be happy with your quality work and will recommend you at many other places and your business will grow at a faster pace. Digital warranty is another important feature that makes you and your customer go paperless and be tension-free about the warranty document’s safety.

Dealers and retailers are a very important part of the OZOSTARS loyalty program. A Dealer or retailer can join the program similar way and register its buyers under him to get the benefits and rewards regularly. They will get the joining bonus points and 10% loyalty points of its members’ points on every QR Code Scan.
For example, if a glass installer gets 500 points on scanning a QR code, the dealer/retail under whom this glass installer is registered will also get 50 points in his account wallet.
They can download the OZOSTARS app from the Google play store or iOS app store and register themselves. For dealers’ easy access, Ozone has also launched the desktop website, with an additional feature of bulk upload instead of registering members one by one.
For any assistance, please contact OZOSTARS team at toll-free no. 18002020204 or call the Ozone sales representative of your area to register you in the loyalty program. Register yourself today in the OZOSTARS loyalty program and GROW your business and earn your customer trust.


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