Hanjiang to introduce biggest gas filling IG line in Asian markets

June 11, 2021 Company News8

The Latest Jumbo Line Can Process Glass Of 3,300 mm X 9,000 mm Dimensions

The largest gas filling IG line in Asian countries with a size of 3,300 mm X 9,000 mm is coming soon in China domestic market.

With the rising trend of bigger and bigger glass in buildings, glass processing machines have to be larger than before. Since 2012, Hanjiang has noticed such “Big” trend in glass industries and stared D&R on jumbo glass processing.
Previously, Hanjiang has installed jumbo lines of 3,000 mm X 6,000 mm and 3,300 mm X 6,000mm sizes in the market successfully and until March 2021, Hanjiang has customized more than 200 IG lines as per its customers’ requirements.

In the end of 2020, Hanjiang received an enquiry from a Chinese local customer. The client was going to process jumbo IGU with argon gas in China and would do some special projects in the China market.
Its requirements: single glass thickness – 50mm, IGU thickness – 120mm, max glass processing size – 3,300 mm X 9,000 mm and max weight of single glass – 4,500 kg. Hanjiang has to give a complete solution from jumbo glass loading, low-E film removing, super thick glass washing, jumbo spacer attaching, automatic argon gas filling, auto sealing to glass unloading.
The biggest challenge was how to design a machine suitable for super thick glass, super big glass and super heavy glass simultaneously.
Plus, as we know jumbo glass itself cannot guarantee high flatness, how we convey glass smoothly and make three chambers of press work synchronously was another big challenge.
Within a couple of months of continuous working on a solution, Hanjiang finally got approval from the client and also the order.
It is a good sign for Hanjiang to enter the next generation of jumbo glass solutions. Compared to the previous 5,000 mm length or 6,000 mm, 9,000 mm is a new milestone for the company.
With same logic, Hanjiang team is going to challenge size of 3,300 mm X 12,000 mm or even bigger.
Hanjiang welcomes more customized products from the market, not only limited in size, but also the solution for more variety of value added IGU products.

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