Filtraglass launches XtremFlow for high water usage

June 11, 2021 Company News9

One Of Highest-Quality Filter Surfaces, Lets Machines Work In Uninterrupted Operating Cycles Of Over 24 Hrs

In accordance with its strategy of continuous research, development and innovation, Filtraglass has launched XtremFlow, a new range of machines for filtering and recycling water used in flat glass treatment processes.

This new range is designed for manufacturers who need large quantities of water to be filtered in line with their production rate requirements.
Unlike the other Filtraglass ranges, these machines feature a new filtration system: filter presses, which make it possible to recycle large volumes of water ranging from 200 l/ min to more than 2,000 l/min. One of the most important new features offered by XtremFlow is that the machines in the range have one of the highest-quality filter surfaces on the market. This allows the machines to work in uninterrupted operating cycles of more than 24 hours – although depending on the chosen model and the amount of glass particles in the water, this figure may vary – which means a reduction of up to 40 times the number of daily cycles.
Such long operating cycles have a clear benefit: compressed air consumption is reduced by more than 90 percent. Moreover, the amount of dry waste that is extracted is increased, ranging from 40 kg per discharge to over 800 kg, depending on the model.
The new XtremFlow range includes seven different models, each designed for a specific volume of water, so customers can choose the model that best suits their needs.

All models in the XtremFlow range include a touch screen on the control panel that allows users to programme the machine and choose automatic or manual operation, among other things, as well as several new features such as a pH meter, a turbidity gauge and a complementary filter for producing filtered water of optimum quality for use in CNC spindles.
In addition, all models in the XtremFlow range can be fully made to order, meaning that customers can request modifications including new add-ons and features in order to tailor the machine completely to the company’s specific needs.

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