Bharat Safety Glass forays into architectural glass processing

September 7, 2021 Company News3

Invests Heavily In Machinery For New Venture, Sets Up Unit In Jamshedpur

Safety glass manufacturer Bharat Safety Glass Pvt Ltd recently ventured into architectural glass processing.

Bharat Safety, a well-known entity in the automotive glass segment, recently invested heavily in machinery for architectural glass processing, setting up a new unit in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

The new setup is equipped with the latest force convection tempering furnace which is capable of tempering 9*16 feet jumbo size glass. It can temper all types of high performance glass available in the country.
It also has a jumbo size CNC cutting line sourced from Intermac, a double-edger for fast pre-processing of glass, and the company has ordered a high quality DGU (insulating) machine which will be installed very soon.
The company organised puja for the new venture on July 16, 2021. Bharat Safety Glass had started its safety glass business in 1988. Initially, it had vertical toughened glass plant setup for the automotive industry.
The company imported a laminated machine from world famous brand Tamglass (Finland) in 1998. After its installation, the company started to supply automotive glass as OEM to Tata Motors, Bajaj, Mahindra, Hindustan Motors and many more.

Mr. Tulsi Ram Bhalotia,
Managing Director of BSG

Mr. Kartar Verma,
Technical Director of BSG

BSG then set up a horizontal flat and bend furnace of LandGlass (China) in 2012. The company got the furnace customised from LandGlass to produce the best quality automotive glass. Along with CNC cutting machine from Intermac, BSG also installed a CNC work station from the same company.
BSG Managing Director Tulsi Ram Bhalotia is known as very a caring and down-to-earth individual in the industry. Since long, he has taken utmost care of every employee of the company, treating them as family members. He provides them accommodation, food, all type of medical facility, among others. Even amid the crises posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company stood firmly with its employees, as a result of which no one has left the company since joining. This type of example is very rare for any industry.

Mr Bhalotia is has very rich technical expertise and knowledge. He had built an autoclave by himself. At that time, people doubted its efficacy, the autoclave is working even today without any trouble. He also designed and made from scratch his clean room for lamination at a very low cost. Technical Director Kartar Verma first met Mr Bhalotia in 2006, and they became good friends. Since joining BSG, Mr Verma brought with him his immense technical expertise which provided a massive boost to the company.
During the Covid lockdown, even though machines import was going on but the lack of international travel meant technicians and installation executives were unavailable. But Mr Verma intervened to prevent any delay and himself guided the installation process of all new machinery without any trouble.
BSG’s product portfolio includes fused glass, decorative glass and high-performance architectural and automotive safety glass, kiln formed glass, fused glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, fire-proof glass, bullet-proof glass, reflective glass, ceramic fritted glass, tempered glass, low-E glass and so on.
Bharat Safety Glass Pvt Ltd is known as a leading solution partner in the glass processing industry for tempered, laminated safety and designer glass. It is an ISO 9001:2008, ARAI, AIS-037, and E-certified company.
It employs the latest glass processing technology equipped with CNC (CAD-CAM) glass cutting machine for accurate profile cutting and diamond edging, horizontal glass bending and flat glass toughening and laminating with force convection technology.


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