Vulcan Intelligent Tempering Line: latest smart furnace from Jinglass

September 7, 2021 Company News3

Firm Has Team In India For Installation & After-Sales Service, Avoiding Problems Faced Due To Lockdown

The Vulcan Intelligent Tempering line recognizes glass and layouts, matches processing settings from the cloud, and processes the glass, eliminating human errors entirely and cutting operational costs.

Jinglass developed Vulcan, an intelligent glass tempering furnace in 2020, which improves the quality of tempered glass, especially in terms of flatness, stress eveness and optical quality.

The latest Vulcan Intelligent Tempering line, a Glass Industry 4.0 product, recognizes glass and layouts, matches processing settings from the cloud , processes the glass, and also traces the quality, power consumption and loss of productions.
It eliminates human errors entirely, rendering glass processing enjoying and relaxing.
The characteristics of the smart control system include: Huge database, automatic recipe setting, frees the operator. Recipe database keeps upgrading, providing higher tempering flatness, surface pressure evenness, and optical quality.
All processing data saved in cloud can be traced back even after glass is delivered.

Detailed database; managing required diagram becomes easy, and with the help of iTemper app, clients can easily get online support from Jinglass professional technical team. Can be upgraded for borosilicate 4.0 glass and high pressure fireresistant glass tempering.
Jinglass mid-infrared jet-convection glass tempering furnace was warmly welcomed by the market once it was promoted in 2012. The mid-infrared heating technology rapidly became the best solution for high quality Low-E glass tempering.

Jinglass in India
Jinglass entered the Indian market in 2015 and gained the confidence from more and more clients in the country.
At present, more than 30 furnaces from the company are running steadily and reliably in here. During the COVID-19 pandemic, conduct of business became difficult in India due to the lockdowns. In the Indian flat glass market, maximum machinery is imported from China.
And since international travel is prohibited because of the lockdown, installation of machinery became a huge problem.

But not for Jinglass. The company has a team in India which provides professional installation, adjustment and after-sales service of tempering furnace to ensure their long-term stable running.
This was an advantage Jinglass had. It has installed a record 14 furnaces since January 2020 in comparison with any other international toughened plant machinery supplier.
Jinglass won the trust and confidence of the Indian glass processing industry within a very short span of time by supplying best quality machines and giving worldclass after-sales and service support to its customers.

About the company
Jinglass Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialised in the development, manufacturing and marketing of glass tempering furnaces since 2003.

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