ZenFold: New generation slide & swing doors by Deceuninck

September 13, 2021 Product Hunt2

A Versatile System Designed With The Modern Home And Business In Mind

Doors and windows connect the occupants to the outside world. Bigger the door, better the natural ventilation and lighting, which is the need of the hour with the ongoing pandemic and the resulting work from home culture.

Deceuninck, one of the leading producers of uPVC profiles for doors and windows, has come up with a unique slide and swing doors system, ‘ZenFold’, in the Indian market.
The swing and slide doors which is also known as wave doors/open max/ magna-slide systems are like bi-fold doors, but each shutter can slide inline with the frame. This saves a lot of space and adds novelty to the door.
ZenFold is a state-of-the-art multiple panel door that allows owners to maximize their living space and transforms ordinary rooms to open up spaces in a way no other ‘patio’ door can do.

Designed with the modern home and business in mind, the new generation Slide & Swing system is a versatile system that works perfectly for your home, office and restaurants. Big open spaces are accentuated with the Slide & Swing – A door for all uses.
Its hingeless system with freefloating panels allows users to control the opening to fit their needs. All constraints inherent to the “hinged” systems have been stripped away.
Since it does not have panel-to-panel hinges, you choose how your door opens.

With Zenfold, users get to decide how many panels are opened or closed at any a time. By having independent panels, this latest system adapts to any need for opening or ventilation.

Generally, the height of the doors is restricted by the roof height which is around 3m to 3.5m in India, of which the door height is normally between 2.1m to 2.4m.

In order to increase ventilation, the only option to achieve maximum opening is to go wide. There are many options for these kind of openings –

  • Multi-Track Slider: 2 to 6 shutters or more with 33% to 50% opening
  • Casement Doors: Generally, width is limited to 900mm with double shutter 1800mm. For bigger openings, one would need mullions
  • Lift and Slide Doors: High performance doors with single shutter size of 6sqm. Offers superior air and water tightness
  • Bi-Fold Doors: Casement Doors with shutters sliding and folding to one or either side of the opening. Very useful as it offers excellent ventilation and utility for balconies and patios
  • ZenFold: Like Bi-Fold with the shutters sliding inline with the frame. This enables usage of the space in front of it. Only the traffic door area needs to be kept free
Mr. Dev Chandwani,
Business Development Director (India)
Deceuninck Profiles India Pvt. Ltd.

Zenfold is based on time-tested 70mm Zendow system with a 5 Chamber system which offers an excellent sound and thermal insulation. This new age system ranks high on energy efficiency as the profiles are EPD certified with Low heat transmission coefficient as Uf value is 1.3 W/m2K. The system is designed for wind resistance as per IS 875-Part 3 and comes in both inward & outward opening options.
The shutter size can be up to 900mm X 2,100mm and can be used to make windows too with 1,200mm height. The profile comes with TPE weldable gaskets for superior air and water tightness. Glass thickness can be up to 44mm with either double or triple glazing options and it comes with a GI Galvanized reinforcement for ensuring structural strength. The bottom rail is aluminium and the slides of the system are made of nylon.
It has more surface contact and nopoint contact like wheels in the railing making it more durable and easily operable.
The system uses a unique hardware that can convert standard windows and doors into swing and slide system.

There are no limitations to the width as we can add multiple panels to it.
Providing us with an uninterrupted panoramic view of the outdoors with minimal partitions, ZenFold also has invisible hardware on the sliding shutters with the concealed hinges on the traffic door. The doors interlock together creating a solid wall that is extremely secure and it has Interlocking panels with Multi-point Locking system.
Deceuninck is one of the few suppliers with a strong focus on high performance doors and colour profiles. The company offers a wide variety of colour lamination profiles for the slide and swing windows and doors.
ZenFold allows seamless integration of your outdoors with your indoors and it is ideal for balconies, patios, terrace gardens, etc.
The high performing and best in class windows and doors of Deceuninck Profiles have made a mark in the retail segment. Established in 1937, Deceuninck completed 80 years of sustained growth in the industry in 2017. With its 14 production and 22 warehouse facilities spread across the world. India and Thailand are two gateways to Asia for the Deceuninck group and its growing strong in these markets too.
In India, Deceuninck has set two warehouses with stocking capacity up to 1,000 tonnes of profiles and custom hardware in addition to special reinforcements for high performance doors.
Deceuninck was the first to test its sliding systems at Win wall, Chennai for high wind pressures – 2.4 KPa proof load. To step up its technical supremacy, Deceuninck has set up in-house testing facility to ensure customers can check their windows and doors so that they can confidently offer the right systems for projects.

Email: info@deceuninck.in
Website: www.deceuninck.in,
www. 123windows.in

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