Indian uPVC segment likely to grow 30 pc in 10-15 yrs: Window Magic CEO Manish Bansal

September 13, 2021 Interview13

Window Magic Offers Advanced uPVC Windows, Doors With Sound
Insulation, Multi-Lock System

Bansal explains the advantages of uPVC and why it is in great demand, noting that with the increase in consumer aspirations, premium quality products have achieved higher and faster market penetration.

What kind of doors and windows have the best market potential in India?
There is a great demand for windows and doors that need lower maintenance and are made of energysaving, efficient materials. Beyond aesthetics, windows are expected to perform other functions including optimizing day-lighting, & energy conservation.
With the increase in consumer aspirations, premium quality products have achieved a higher and faster market penetration globally. To comply with the modern construction, Window Magic offers a variety of fenestration solutions which include customized, innovative, and engineered products.
Our uPVC windows and doors come with several benefits like sound insulation, multi-lock system, smooth functioning, etc. These utilities play a vital role in fulfilling the required essentials of a modern building effectively and efficiently.

What is the uniqueness of Window Magic doors and windows?
Window Magic offers uPVC windows and doors which are the most advanced offerings in the construction segment. uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. This material is a chemical compound consisting of carbon, chlorine, and hydrogen.
uPVC is very much economical and easy to produce as compared to timber. The material is eco-friendly and results in preventing deforestation by reducing the use of wood and timber for producing windows and doors. Our products are energy efficient, potentially saving energy up to 25 per cent to 30 per cent.
To serve the smart cities in the best possible way, Window Magic, with the innovative and latest German technology, brings out the finest customized fenestration solutions as per the environment and in tune with the customer’s needs.

Could you shed some light on the market share?
The fenestration market is growing rapidly due to the rising awareness amongst builders and consumers. As per the Indian uPVC market report, the next 10-15 years will see an estimated 30 per cent growth in the segment, also, the uPVC segment is expected to contribute around 10-12 per cent to the doors and windows industry.
The Indian fenestration industry has undergone quite a remarkable transformation due to the introduction of several newer technologies. As per the current report, the Indian uPVC windows market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7 per cent, to reach over INR 17,000 crore by FY-2020 in terms of revenues.

Can you cite an example where Window Magic’s products have been used?
Designer windows and doors play a significant role in aesthetics, design, and energy performance of any building. Window Magic’s product has been used in many sectors including residential projects and institutions like schools and colleges. Also, it has been used in luxury houses, hospitals, industrial hubs and government buildings.

About the Company
Setup in 2002, “Window Magic”, a division of Window Magic India Pvt Ltd is a part of the JV Group. It emerged from collaboration with the Profine Group of Germany, the world’s largest manufacturer of uPVC profiles operating under the brand name of Kommerling. As a company today, with years of experience, it has succeeded in building up a range of state-of-the-art technologies to manufacture windows and doors, profile lamination in various colours, insect screen and glass solutions.
Window Magic’s myriad products include casement windows and doors, tilt and turn windows, sliding windows and doors, designer window, conservatory and lift and slide doors.


Mr. Manish Bansal,
Director & CEO, Window Magic

Having acquired a degree from the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom, Mr Manish Bansal is the current CEO and Director of
Window Magic, a leading uPVC brand in India, today. Bansal is a successful business leader prospering in the building and construction
equipment industry. He played a significant role in transforming Window Magic into a profitable venture. His clear vision, commitment to
quality standards, market & consumer foresightedness added new insights to Window magic as a company.
Bansal carries a distinct expertise in global strategic management, including development, expansion, and turnaround initiatives. His
belief and understanding of future market trends have helped in popularizing uPVC products in India. Bansal has successfully established a
reputation of being a dynamic, visionary, and strategic leader of the industry.

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