Customised rubber gaskets from Fusion Polymer Industries

February 15, 2022 Product Hunt4

Produced From Carefully Selected EPDM Grades Supplied By Reputed Manufacturers

Fusion Polymer Industries is a group of experienced, energetic, young and professional rubber technologists and mechanical engineers.

Fusion Polymer Industries manufactures multiple rubber products using the extrusion and molding process as per international standards. The company boasts of a steady growth since its inception.
While acquiring the latest technology for development and production, the company has steadily been introducing innovative products besides providing customized solutions for various business sectors.
The company has set up a sophisticated manufacturing facility, well-equipped with the latest technology called Microwave Curing System for EPDM Profiles and testing equipment.
All these facilities are handled by a trained and qualified team of engineers and technicians. The company has a dedicated engineering team for client support from product development to supply.
Profiles are the least visible part of windows, and are often misconstrued as the least important part as well.
However, this cannot be further from the truth.
Fusion Polymer Industries seeks to shed light on this matter and inform fabricators, builders, and architects of the importance of using high-quality Microwave Cured EPDM Profiles in their window systems, handrails and facades.

  • EPDM rubber has excellent resistance to atmospheric aging which means it is heat, ozone, direct sun light and weather resistant,
  • It has good resistance to most water-based chemicals,
  • EPDM rubber also has great resistance to abrasives and tearing,
  • It has a stable, saturated polymer backbone structure.

Advantages of Fusion EPDM Rubber Gaskets
EPDM rubber is known for its outstanding resistance to weathering, ozone, UV radiation, ageing and wide range of temperature from – 60 degree Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius. Additionally, it also offers excellent sealing properties, helping minimize outside noise, dust and efficient working of air-conditioning (energy saving).
Due to these unique properties, EPDM rubber has been the material of choice of window producers and other industries for the past several decades. Fusion rubber gasket are produced from carefully selected EPDM grades supplied by the world’s reputed manufacturers to meet customer specific requirements.

Properties of EPM Rubber Profille

  • High durability
  • Rust proof
  • Superior quality
  • Excellent tolerance to harsh weather
  • Perfect sealing with glass, window or door frames

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