EvA’s on-the-go cloud-based fenestration ERP software

February 15, 2022 Product Hunt6

Only Indian Company Offering Innovative, Customizable And Affordable Software Solutions For Fenestration Sector

EvA has come up with a new cloud solution – the EvA CLOUD – which can be accessed through mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, anytime and from anywhere.

Evolutionary Algorithms Pvt. Ltd. (EvA), established in 2009, is the only Indian software provider in the fenestration industry, offering innovative, customizable and affordable cloud-based fenestration software solutions, which can be accessed by all stakeholders including sales executives, dealers, surveyors, system suppliers, manufacturers, fabricators, installers, shop floor managers, store keepers to architects, and builders in a centralized manner.
It has come up with a new cloud solution – the EvA CLOUD – which can be accessed through users’ mobiles, tablets, and laptops, anytime from anywhere. The new, easy-to-use application can also be used by dealers and sales executives for generating quotations on site.
Using EvA CLOUD’s drag-anddrop features, users can effortlessly design windows for any scale of the projects. The software’s scope extends to varied materials for frames like aluminium, uPVC, PVC, and steel.

Its 3D view shows more clear details like the height of lintel and sill beams, height of handle from floor, while the cross-section view shows the thickness of glass, frame, and wall to help architects manage the aesthetics of the building. Its structural analysis features can also calculate and check if the designed structure can withstand wind loads and dead loads, thus enabling the user to modify the structure accordingly.

EvA CLOUD provides profile optimization, production calculation, stock management, batch management, survey & installation management and invoicing. Its automation capabilities can be used for machine integration to provide any level of automation, and hence better utilization of manpower. It provides QR-coded labels to the products in use that can make production completely automatic. Also provides invoices with QR codes which can be used in case of any complaints to be raised and that also helps fabricators to rectify the issue in a hassle-free manner.
The In-built CRM feature helps to manage tasks, manage opportunities, include contact details of customers and helps the users in increasing the sales & expanding business. Its efficient optimization ability even helps monitor value of sales, location-wise sales, sales-executive’s performance, losses, etc.

Accounts management has been simplified for the purchase executives with EvA CLOUD’s billing, BOQ preparing and accounting features. Also, it has features that are extremely easy for the management to track the status of the project, the efficiency of the plant, the bottle necks in production, having a better audit control and analytics over the entire process.
This Cloud based Solution can help Architects and Builders to track project timelines as per contractual obligations with the help of project tracking tools.
All local language support has made EvA a favourite among Indian fabricators, leading to 70% of system suppliers in India opting for it. Being a cloud-based platform, EvA plans to widen its reach across India and in the overseas markets as well.

Currently, EvA’s major clients include Deceuninck, VEKA, Aluplast, Encraft, Okotech, Gealan, Salamander, Plastone, NCL Seccolor, Prominance, Simta, Aluminco, Aluline, Yantra, Fenova and many more.

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