Why install a window opener

Modern Intelligent Systems Can Automatically Open Or Close Windows As Needed

With the development and progress of society, people are paying attention to their own health. Indoor air quality is a factor directly related to human health.

Regarding how to correctly choose the time of opening windows for ventilation and improve indoor air quality, building decoration designers and engineers believe that the most effective way is to establish an automatic detection mechanism for outdoor air quality. With the intelligent system of whole-house home improvement, the system automatically chooses to open windows to replace high quality natural wind with indoor air.

In modern high-rise buildings, how to adjust the air quality by controlling the opening and closing of windows is a problem that most architectural engineers need to consider. The window opener solves this problem very well.
The advantages of smart window openers are as follows: Convenience: One-button mobile phone control or with the whole house intelligent system, the intelligent window can sense wind and rain in time and close quickly

Security: When the kitchen gas is not turned off or leaks, the wholehouse intelligent system notifies the owner in time and opens the windows to ventilate, eliminating potential safety hazards. From the perspective of fire protection, the domestic fire fighting methods and starting points are now in line with those of foreign countries. For a fire in the home, the UIOT super-smart home system will be informed at the first time and open the windows for ventilation to ensure that the people in the house are not harmed. It cannot be suffocated by smoke, and the rescue is simple.
Applicability: The design and installation position of traditional windows is relatively high or too far, and the windows that cannot be reached by manpower alone, then it is the turn of the electric window opener to come in handy (such as the ventilation window of the large floor-to-ceiling windows of the villa, or the top of the sunroom for ventilation places such as windows, etc.) do not need to go to the window, the mobile phone remote control operation or automatic control will be done.

All in all, the design of the current advanced electric window opener itself has advantages in various aspects, and the distance between life and functions improves the utilization effect of the electric window opener. Choosing a smart window opener with reliable quality and a more stable application will definitely bring a better life experience and a more comfortable and safe home life.

Author: Allen Nemophilist

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