Filtraglass steps into 2022 with new home, new additions, new resolutions

May 20, 2022 Company News22

Moves To New Premises, Recruits More Team Members, Plans To Allot Substantial Resources To R&D

The year 2022 has arrived with new developments for Filtraglass: new facilities, new team members and – in line with its continuous efforts in the field of innovation – new R&D projects.

With the arrival of the New Year, Filtraglass has officially moved to new premises.
The company’s new headquarters are located in Vilamalla, in the province of Girona, at the Pont del Príncep industrial estate, at number 19 Carrer Riu Fluvià. The company now boasts a space spanning over 1,000 m2, a significant increase compared to the previous facilities, reflecting the exponential growth that the company is experiencing worldwide.

The new premises include a very large space for the manufacture of water filtration systems; a large storage area where the company stores machines ready and waiting to be shipped to their final destinations; a meeting room that also serves as a showroom so that customers and collaborators can see Filtraglass machines up close; and an office area that houses, among others, the directors’ office, the administration and accounting office and the communications office.
The growth that the company has experienced in recent years is also reflected in the expansion of its workforce. In recent months, Filtraglass has added to its ranks a communications team manager, a new welder, an electrical technician, a mechanical technician and an administrative assistant.

With a larger and more diversified team, one of the leading companies in the water filtration industry expects improvements in the areas of production, advertising and public relations, customer service and, of course, innovation.
Filtraglass naturally saw in the new year with some key resolutions.
The company continues to be committed, as it has been since its creation, to a sustainable glass industry. And now more than ever.
In line with its values and public commitment to the environment, the company will continue to strive to create increasingly sustainable water filtration systems, which, in turn, will help its customers and the glass industry in general to move towards a greener world.
The company’s second resolution is to further strengthen its international presence. Filtraglass seeks to reach new markets that value its commitment to the environment and its investment in R&D. It has systems in all five continents, but has set a target of increasing its international presence by 20 per cent.

Finally, this year, Filtraglass plans to dedicate a substantial part of its resources to its R&D department.
The company wishes to persevere in the development of new products and systems that comprehensively meet the needs of the glass industry in terms of water treatment. Filtraglass wants to be prepared to adapt to the growing and changing needs of the market and therefore considers this investment to be essential. 2022 looks set to be a great year for Filtraglass and for the glass industry.

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