Kochhar Glass, India celebrates 10 years

January 1, 2017 Company News0

In the month of January 2007, Kochhar Glass (India) forayed into the field of processing industry with strong conviction and faith. This year, the company proudly completes 10 years in the industry. Having undertaken a journey full of difficulties, hurdles or pressures to reach thus far, the company is confident of its future.

Firmly placing its belief that no success can come without a team effort, Kochhar Glass fondly remembers and cordially thanks all its team members for their a role in the journey. The company feels indebted to its directors – Mr. Sandeep Kochhar for his vision that lead the firm forward; Dr. Archana Kochhar for her constant support and Mr. Sanjeev Wadhera for being a pillar of strength in themarketing department. The company conveys its ingratitude to Mr. Lilamani Pandey, Mr. CR Sharma, Mr. Trivedi, Mr. NM Pandey, Mr. Ranbir, Mrs. Rohita and Mr. A Jain for their tireless efforts toward making it a success story. Kochhar Glass finds great hopes for the future in the supervisors and helpers who have been working day in and day out to sort things out and a young team of managers, Mr. Sathish and Mr. Vikas Sharma. As a token of gratitude, certificates and rewards were given to all completing 10 years or 7 years in the company in the presence of their families at a day-long picnic organized at a Rajasthani resort near Bhopal. It was a most fun filled afternoon with the families and the Management. Kochhar Glass wishes its team members a great year ahead!!


Customer Focus
Kochhar aims for the best quality productionof glasses for Architecture and automotive purposes and at a high customer satisfaction at all times. The management is proactive and believes in continuous improvement. It is an ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS certified company and firmly works on all aspects of business for best results. They are certified to process all kinds of high end glasses. They are amongst the highest scorers in the Safe Glass Consortium and had been judged as the best Processor in the Glass Bulletin Awards 2016.
With a rich history of around 60 years, the company continuously works to maintain the high ideals set up by its predecessors.

Business Management and employee engagement
Kochhar Glass understands we are what our team is! If the team is happy and satisfied, the company functions well and can be hopeful for a bright future. In the function organized by the management to felicitate all team members, the connect and appreciation was palpable. The employees had disbelief in actually completing 10 years as many found it hard to conjecture that so much time had passed. Tearyeyed and happy, they felt honoured. Parents, wives and children all came in good numbers, had a hearty lunch and took to the puppet shows, magic shows, camel rides and disco. The team rejoiced being part of the Kochhar Family.

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