aluplast unveils its Smart Slide Doors

February 26, 2018 Company News92

Steals The Show At ACETECH 2017 Exhibition With Latest Innovation

aluplast recently launched its latest “Smart Slide Doors” at the recently held ACETECH, 2017 exhibition in New Delhi. The new and advanced smart slide doors received an applause from consumers and turned out to be one of the most modern and attractive inventions at the event.

aluplast unveils its Smart Slide Doors

Manish Uppal, Owner, Uppal Homes, said, “I must say that it will become a frontrunner in the entire range of sliding doors system in our industry.” The international brand uncovered its latest innovation in the Indian market first as aluplast’s sliding doors systems are extremely popular here. Vineet Gupta, Owner, Ajnara Builders, highlighted, “Smart slide doors system by aluplast is really a smart invention and it is rather useful for any place which makes it a universal product.” Arun Arora, Owner, Sanskar Homes, says, “this is a very good product and very useful as it can be installed at any place without any limitations.” aluplast, a 35-year-old brand, is known for its revolutionary product range and innovative designs. The company had also seized the Top 100 Innovators award for two consecutive years for its unique technology and wide array of products. As rightly said, practice makes a man perfect, and a strong R&D makes a company impeccable, this is what aluplast has been doing for decades in order to provide best and unmatchable quality and experience. The company puts its best foot forward when it comes to product development. The new smart slide door is equipped with the highest heat insulation statics, sealing, and is impressively easy to operate. The new system provides stability, and the sophisticated mechanism of the new aluplast sliding doors simplifies reduces maintenance requirements. It provides the best sealing through improved locking techniques and superior sealing surfaces with no brushes. This system contains four locking points for additional security and outstanding sealing performance. Additionally, the new sliding door system is provides up to 100 per cent resistance from sound due to the reinforcement of black gaskets, and the interplay between the other technical properties ensures the smart enactment against extreme weather conditions. The new sliding door system can be availed in huge dimensions of up to 6m x 2.5m in the smart sliding doors segment. The self-closing sash slides into the frame with a soft motion which makes its operations quite smooth and demolishes the chances of incorrect operations. In this new sliding system one can attain thickness of glass up to 51mm (from single to triple glazing) for better performance. This hi-tech system is available in numerous décor designs, colours, optional bonding inside and modern classic line designs to give a complete makeover to your home.

About the company
aluplast is one of the leading system providers of uPVC windows, doors, roller shutters and controlled domestic ventilation systems. The family-owned company headquartered in Karlsruhe(Germany) was founded in 1982 by Manfred J. Seitz. Today, after three decades, aluplast has turned into a global player with sales offices and production plants in 24 countries. With its wide product portfolio, the brand offers almost any conceivable window construction and variation. The aluplast success is based above all on the company’s market proximity always resulting in pioneering innovations.

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