Serbian glass manufacturer declared bankrupt and put up for sale

August 14, 2021 Latest Updates2

A Serbian glass manufacturer has declared bankruptcy and ordered insolvency administrators to commence with its liquidation sale.

The Serbian Glass Factory’s Parachin Glassworks has been in operation since 1907, producing glass containers production facility including bottles and jars.

The sale also includes a tableware glass production plant as well as its “Plana” limestone quarry, which provided the plants complete limestone requirements, as well as dolomite processing for its own needs.

As of 12th July 2021, the court declared the company bankruptcy and ordered the sale of estate without delay.

Subsequently, an assessment of the value of the company’s assets will be made and after that, a decision on the manner and method of sale.

Serbian Glass Factory is said to have produced more than half of the glass containers for the greater area of the Balkans, i.e. the ex-Yugoslav territory.


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