Golden Glass Award Vote Starts today!


China Glass Network launched the 5th Top 10 China Glass Brand Appraisal vote today! What is your attention?

Come and take a vote!

Contact us: +86-571-89938883

Deadline: January 18, 2018-March 17, 2018


a) Scan the QR code of “Golden Glass Award” to enter into the vote page

b) Choose the types of award: enterprise, products, individuals

c) Choose the specific award type

d) Vote for your intended company or persons

e) Save your vote and submit

Standards for the vote:

l Based on the principle of opening, justice, equality and professionalization and to avoid vote cheating, the vote could only be carried through WeChat.

l Each WeChat account could only select one company, product or person.

l Please pay attention to our official WeChat “Golden Glass Award” to get latest information

l All the evaluation processes will be checked and appraised by professional experts and experienced technicians from glass industry. Punishment for cheating is as the following:

the company or person who makes cheating and is found for the first time is not allowed for vote for 24 hours; the company or person who makes cheating and is found for the second time does not have the vote number and not allowed for the vote in 3 dfays; the company or person who makes cheating and is found for the third time is not allowed for vote.

Enterprises award:

Top 10 Brands respectively for leading companies in fields of sheet glass, decoration glass, appliance glass, glass chemical accessories/materials, building glass, glass products, glass tools, glass machinery & equipment, forerunner for “Belt & Road”, and emerging outstanding companies.

Product award:

Innovative product award (10 enterprises)

Personal Award:

Prize for Outstanding Contributions (5 people);

Prize for Glass craft (10 people)

Prize for Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs (10 people)

Last but not least, companies that attend the vote can get the “On-line Popular Award” as long as the vote number lists the first in corresponding category.


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